Home Design 2023: Your Guide to Home Design & Renovations in 2023

In Australia, our way of living has changed massively over the past two years. Major shifts in work habits and living arrangements have altered our priorities when it comes to home design, with flexible solutions that make the most of interior layouts on the rise. Read on for our breakdown of home design trends in 2023.

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Dedicated workspaces continue to influence home design

As working from home continues to be essential, home offices and dedicated workspaces will remain a strong home design trend in 2023.

Many people now live on a flexible work-from-home/work-from-office timetable. In addition to this, the popularity of remote work across Australia means that work-from-home setups are one of 2023’s must-have renovations.

With some working couples requiring more than one dedicated office space, designers are now looking at dividing large rooms into multiple small alcoves to create separate spaces. Many homeowners will be adding dedicated extensions or repurposing their existing living areas to create these work-from-home spaces.

Interior design will be heavily influenced by the needs of these spaces this year and for the foreseeable future. For example, the prevalence of virtual meetings means that designers will need to create tasteful, stylish and practical spaces — no one wants a distracting background to de-rail their meetings.

After years of solo workdays, many are looking to upgrade their home offices to create unique spaces that can help boost their motivation and productivity. This includes high-tech solutions like smart boards, projectors, creative shelving and built-in storage solutions.

large glass sliding door
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Large windows and sliding glass doors will bring the outdoors in

Natural light can bring a space to life and add positive, comforting energy to the home. Removing barriers to allow seamless indoor-outdoor living to take advantage of our benign climate is an increasingly important design consideration.

A popular choice is adding larger windows to shared living spaces and to communal spaces like kitchens. Windows are a great way to connect kitchens to outdoor entertaining areas.

Outdoor structures will receive particular attention this year as people begin fusing indoor areas with outdoor spaces. Many homeowners are looking to add sliding or bi-fold doors that open onto decks and patios to create hybrid indoor-outdoor areas.

For flooring, natural materials like hardwood and stone will continue to dominate in 2023. Australian hardwood floors and stone tiles will remain popular — these materials give a natural appearance and suit our indoor-outdoor lifestyle. They also complement the internal decor with more natural materials that we expect to dominate interior design this year.

combined kitchen and dining room
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Multi-purpose spaces are a must

Our homes aren’t just living spaces and bedrooms — homeowners need areas that function as offices, learning spaces for kids and extra accommodations for guests. Homeowners are looking to add the most value to their spaces without sacrificing style and beauty. This has boosted the popularity of renovations and extensions that add multifunctional spaces to small and large homes.

Homeowners in 2023 will be looking for designs with spaces that can be easily transformed, like offices that can also be used as guest bedrooms. Multigenerational living and increased travel mean that additional sleeping areas are still important, so smaller homes need more options for each space. As such, flexible, carefully proportioned designs are a must-have in renovations and new builds.

We predict an increase in multifunctional spaces that can accommodate one or more of the following functions in one space:

  • Spare bedroom
  • Home office
  • Home gym
  • Hobby and craft room
  • Home library
new kitchen
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Well-designed renovations will add more comfort and new amenities

With more time spent indoors over the past two years due to COVID restrictions, homeowners are more aware than ever of what their homes are lacking.

While practical, multipurpose spaces will be the main focus, home renovations in 2023 will also add more comfortable, enjoyable amenities to homes. People are eager to spend money on their existing houses instead of moving due to ever-increasing house values. There is also a general trend for each generation to demand a higher level of luxury and amenities within their homes.

We predict the following home renovation trends to take flight this year.

  • An increase in high-end kitchen and bathroom renovations. Kitchens in particular will receive much consideration due to their prominent position in the main living/dining space.

    Adding a second or third bathroom has always been a popular renovation and will continue to dominate this year, as the need for more personal space stays essential.

  • Larger windows and sliding glass doors will be must-haves for adding more natural light, better ventilation indoors and opening houses to exterior spaces.

  • Distinctive designs. Renovators will be looking for unique, individual designs in 2023 — “distinct” and “creative” are the hot-button words for home designs this year, with new homeowners looking to set their homes apart from the crowd.

  • Bold decor. On a similar note, homeowners are looking for decor with a distinct aesthetic for their renovations. Natural materials and finishes such as timber, brick or blocks are durable and add character to a space, while distinctive colours will also become popular as people look to add more excitement to their homes.

  • More storage space. In line with increased functionality and flexible uses, provisions for storage and built-in furniture will be popular. A cupboard that contains a fold-out bed or desk, large sliding doors to combine or isolate spaces, and appropriate storage or recreation equipment will all be important considerations.

  • Stylish, durable surfaces. Homeowners expect longer-lasting, sturdier finishes and fittings that provide practicality without compromising on style. This year’s products need to hold up against scratches and marks – they also need to be easy to clean. Surfaces that look fresher for longer will be popular this year, but quality materials will be more important than trendy looks.
outdoor deck
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Home design 2023 — bring your space to life

The importance of a fully-realised, multipurpose home will be greater than ever in 2023. Much like last year, the home must service the needs of all the occupants including the normal activities as well as an expanding set of requirements for working and recreation. These influences will be felt in both new builds and home renovations.

Mark Lawler Architects can show you how to make the most out of your home with a stylish renovation. Arrange a consultation at your home and start building your dream home today.



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