Townhouses & Duplexes

Mark Lawler Architects have completed a number of townhouses and Duplexes. They are both side by side dwellings with a common party wall, unlike apartments that are situated on top of each other and have more stringent regulations.

Townhouses can be a profitable addition to your real estate portfolio, offering strong rental yields with low maintenance costs or, alternatively, high sale prices. Either way, the intent is to maximise return on investment. Whereas duplexes might be  more personal, someone with block of land large enough to accommodate themselves whilst also providing income from another dwelling.

Situated in desirable urban locations, townhouses satisfy the current high demand for housing of all types. The vacancy rate of rental properties is historically at an all time low point. The housing market remains buoyant driven by strong demand despite recent interest rate rises. There has never been a better time to invest in housing and in particular townhouses are a very popular housing choice.

Townhouses are traditionally three or more attached (side by side) dwellings which are separated by a party wall which gives acoustic and fire protection. Each townhouse has access from the ground level with individual front doors. The townhouses may front a street or open onto a common space shared by all the dwellings e.g., driveway or vehicle court.

Townhouses may have two or three storeys. Each townhouse will include a courtyard (private outdoor space), different Councils mandate varying areas for these courtyards. Townhouses may include a single or double garage within the dwelling or a detached garage or carport adjacent the dwelling. Townhouses usually accommodate two, three or four bedrooms. The floor area provided can be generous or compact depending on the target market. Townhouses can provide an economical form of housing for those entering the housing market or renting. Alternatively, townhouses can be luxurious with inclusions exceeding many houses.

The main difference between a duplex and townhouses is that a duplex can only contain two dwellings which may be attached or detached.

Townhouse and Duplex Projects

We have created many different types of  duplexes and townhouses on varying site restrictions and locations. Our projects are all designed to ensure the solutions will benefit the surrounding community. Good social outcomes respecting privacy, minimising overshadowing, preserving views, improving the existing situation are all important considerations.