5 reasons to choose an architecturally designed house

5 reasons to choose an Architect designed house

There are many reasons why people choose to engage an Architect to design their house. An Architect can add immense value to a home and improve the ease and enjoyment of your everyday living. Whether you’re designing the ultimate family home or creating a unique entertaining space, an Architect experienced in residential architecture can bring your vision to life. Transforming

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interior design – how much input does an architect have?

How Much Involvement Does an Architect Have With Interior Design?

When most people think of an architecturally-designed building they picture grand exteriors with interesting forms – but this isn’t the whole picture. Architects have more influence over interior building design than you may think. Read about the ways an Architect can elevate the interior of a home with clever design. Does an architect design the inside of a building? The

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Architectural design

Should I Use an Architect? 7 Reasons to Consider Using an Architect

Should I use an Architect? If you’re preparing to build a new property you may find yourself wondering “Should I use an Architect?”. Is it worth it? Will I get good value from an Architect’s services? The truth is an Architect isn’t required for every project while others absolutely need the input of a highly skilled expert. So, which is

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Architectural Drawings — Freehand vs. Digital Drafting

Most people realise that these days Architectural drawings are often done using a computer, known in the industry as Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), however, there is little awareness of how those drawings are produced. A common misconception around the drawing production process is that an Architect or Drafter simply presses a button and all the drawings magically appear, full of

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men standing on a apartment construction site

Improvements in apartment construction quality now legislated

In June 2020, the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020 (NSW) took effect (DBP Act).  The registration and certification regime which follows the DBP Act will come into force on 1st July 2021.  The DBP Act applies to residential apartment buildings. These are defined as Class 2 buildings under the National Construction Code i.e. buildings containing four or more apartments

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men building a house

When is the best time to build?

Everyone seems to have their own unique set of criteria for determining the ideal time to embark on their house building project. The same applies to people’s views on the right time to buy or sell a house.   In this blog, we discuss various factors people consider when deciding to begin their house building project.   It is not intended to

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architecturally built deck

7 key considerations for building a raised deck

In previous blogs, we’ve covered the design factors involved with outdoor living spaces located at or near ground level.  This month, we take our exploration of outdoor living space design and construction one step further and discuss the essential elements required for a deck – an outdoor living space attached to a house and located a half-storey (i.e. 1.5 metres)

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stairs in hickson residence

5 elements you need in your architecture plan for a modern staircase design

Houses with two or more storeys have become increasingly popular in recent years due to a range of factors like smaller lot sizes in housing subdivisions, the desire of homeowners to preserve as much yard space as possible, and an attractive view from an elevated position.  Today, a two storey house is regarded as a standard and acceptable solution. For

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A guide to adopting the Hampton’s style into your Australian home

    A guide to adopting the Hampton’s style into your Australian home:  The “Hamptons” style seems to be mentioned in every second article in current popular house media.  The frequent reference to this style has lead to a lot of confusion about what Hamptons style actually is, everyone seems to have their own interpretation.  Talking to many of our Clients

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architecture trends on murrays beach

Architecture trends: Following the crowd isn’t always the smart choice

What is “on trend” right now If you have seen an episode of “The Block” or other similar home renovation TV shows, there’s no doubt you will have heard the question: “What is on trend?”   Judges and contestants alike seem to be laser-focused on this concept as they try to heighten the drama by hinting at some secret knowledge

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