Architectural Renovations & Extensions

Your Guide to Different Types of House Extensions

Houses are extended for a variety of reasons, but generally the extension addresses deficiencies that exist within an older house or to provide additional facilities or spaces to the property. Houses built from the 1950’s through to the 1990’s typically have a lower level of accommodation than contemporary standards require. These houses are quite modest in terms of the number

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5 reasons to choose an architecturally designed house

5 reasons to choose an Architect designed house

There are many reasons why people choose to engage an Architect to design their house. An Architect can add immense value to a home and improve the ease and enjoyment of your everyday living. Whether you’re designing the ultimate family home or creating a unique entertaining space, an Architect experienced in residential architecture can bring your vision to life. Transforming

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interior design – how much input does an architect have?

How Much Involvement Does an Architect Have With Interior Design?

When most people think of an architecturally-designed building they picture grand exteriors with interesting forms – but this isn’t the whole picture. Architects have more influence over interior building design than you may think. Read about the ways an Architect can elevate the interior of a home with clever design. Does an architect design the inside of a building? The

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View From First Floor Extension

11 Design Considerations for First Floor Additions

Is adding a second storey to your home the best solution for you? Find out more about the benefits and drawbacks of first floor additions. For many Homeowners in need of additional space, a First Floor extension is often the first solution considered. While in some cases adding an extra storey may be the best solution for the Owner’s accommodation

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Architectural design

Should I Use an Architect? 7 Reasons to Consider Using an Architect

Should I use an Architect? If you’re preparing to build a new property you may find yourself wondering “Should I use an Architect?”. Is it worth it? Will I get good value from an Architect’s services? The truth is an Architect isn’t required for every project while others absolutely need the input of a highly skilled expert. So, which is

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outdoor deck

Home Design 2023: Your Guide to Home Design & Renovations in 2023

In Australia, our way of living has changed massively over the past two years. Major shifts in work habits and living arrangements have altered our priorities when it comes to home design, with flexible solutions that make the most of interior layouts on the rise. Read on for our breakdown of home design trends in 2023. Dedicated workspaces continue to

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trendy kitchen

Building trends VS Good Design

What’s “on trend” in building right now? Anyone who’s watched “The Block” or other home renovation TV shows will have heard the question: “what is on trend?”. The judges on The Block seem particularly stuck on this concept as they try to heighten the drama, hinting at some secret knowledge only they possess.  Unfortunately, this type of language is misleading

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Home Facelifts: Your Guide To Rejuvenating Exterior Home Renovations

For most people, the family home is their most valuable asset and the biggest investment they will ever make. Fortunately, a house will increase in value over time, unlike other purchases like cars which depreciate rapidly after the initial purchase. Our houses are also where we live and raise our families, so they need to be comfortable and secure with

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Mark's Point Residence

6 considerations to make before embarking on a home addition project

Before embarking on additions to an existing house, the deficiencies of the house and its siting must be carefully considered. From these considerations, it is possible to propose solutions that maximise the benefits of additions. These benefits could include increasing the value of the property, improving your lifestyle, or in most cases, achieving both of these objectives. At Mark Lawler

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