Estate Houses

A unique Architectural house can be achieved whilst working within the design guidelines of the Estate Developers.

New home designs for estates in Newcastle

We have designed a collection of residential home designs that are versatile enough to fit a wide range of lot sizes, gradients, and orientations. Our designs are smartly structured to ensure a compact layout that doesn’t sacrifice space, ideal for various housing subdivisions and aimed at reducing building expenses. Adapting one of our pre-prepared designs to your requirements can provide savings on design fees.

These house designs are an Architectural alternative to the more traditional project homes and could potentially be built at a similar cost. Our house designs can be treated with a variety of roof forms, materials and colours so that no two houses are identical.

Our house designs can include three and four bedrooms, single-storey, split-level and two-storey designs. We have extensive experience navigating estate house rules and working closely with developers, making us the local choice for cost-effective new home designs for Newcastle and Lake Macquarie housing estates.

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Housing Estate Architects Newcastle - Mark Lawler Architects

Our Architects have extensive experience designing beautiful, cost-effective and compliant homes for housing estates

Estate design controls are required to ensure uniformity and adherence to a particular aesthetic or environmental standard. New home designs in Lake Macquarie and Newcastle housing estates may be subject to an approval process based on the design guidelines of the estate. This can be daunting for homeowners due to the rigorous compliance checks with estate design controls. Our Architects have the knowledge and experience to interpret these controls, understand their intent and navigate the regulations efficiently. This expertise can significantly reduce the time and effort required to navigate the planning and construction phases.

We offer custom design solutions that transcend the limitations of standard project homes, providing you with a unique home that reflects your personal style and needs. This customisation extends to optimising the layout, orientation and functionality of your home, ensuring it perfectly fits your lot size, shape and the natural environment.

Why choose Mark Lawler Architects?

An Architect-designed home can enhance the aesthetic value of your property as well as its functionality, energy efficiency and overall livability. This can significantly improve your quality of life while also boosting the property’s market value. Architects consider factors like natural light, ventilation and spatial dynamics to create comfortable and inspiring living environments.

Some of the recent residential estates we have reviewed and have completed designs for include:

Working with an Architect for your home design ensures that your home reflects your individuality and aspirations while adhering to all necessary design controls. The value brought by Architects encompasses not just the tangible aspects of design and construction but also the peace of mind that comes from knowing your project is in expert hands.

We have extensive experience creating new home designs for Newcastle housing estates. Our local expertise and industry experience ensure your home complies with estate regulations while harmonising with the surrounding community and landscape. Enquire now for more information.