Estate Houses

A unique architectural house can be achieved whilst working within the design guidelines of the Estate Developers.

We have prepared a number of house designs that can be easily modified to suit most lot sizes, slopes and orientations.  These houses have a compact footprint without compromising room sizes to suit most housing subdivisions and to minimise construction costs.  By adapting one of our pre-prepared designs to your requirements there is a significant saving in design fees.

These house designs are an Architectural alternative to the more traditional project homes and can be built at a similar cost. As the images show the houses can be treated with a variety of roof forms, materials and colours so that no two houses are identical.

These house designs can include three and four bedrooms, single storey, split level and two storey designs. The designs have been costed by a local Builder including a range of quality inclusions.

Housing Estate Architects Newcastle - Mark Lawler Architects

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Some of the recent residential estates we have reviewed and have completed designs for include:

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