We have extensive experience in the design of multi residential dwellings in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley including apartments, townhouses and villas.

Mark Lawler Architects have completed a number of residential projects of different scales providing quality living conditions and sensitive urban design. These multi-residential projects must provide the desired lifestyles for the occupant and also meet the required financial objectives of the developer.

It is imperative that the number of apartments or townhouses that can be accommodated on the site be determined as soon as possible. This is the first information a Developer needs before committing to a project, to ascertain potential return against cost outlay.

Our initial work includes conducting a thorough assessment of the site to evaluate the site geometry, slope, height limits, car parking options and surrounding context of the land etc. Obviously Council planning controls are primary considerations and will influence the style of housing, density and height of a project.

These projects often require input from various consultants in specialist fields such as traffic, acoustic, structural, disabled access, landscape, geotech. We are constantly collaborating with such consultants, managing their input to ensure a cohesive, co-ordinated Architectural result is achieved.

Apartments Projects

We have created many different types of multi-unit residential buildings, including duplexes, townhouses, apartments, and affordable housing. Our projects are all designed to ensure the solutions will benefit the surrounding community. Good social outcomes respecting privacy, minimising overshadowing, preserving views, improving the existing situation are all important considerations.

We use our expertise to conduct all relevant negotiations and review all the options which give our clients a clear idea of potential financial yield. There are many different styles of dwelling, suitable for different markets and demographic profiles. We prepare the necessary documentation for development approval, then continue with the construction drawings & specifications, we can act as the Client’s agent during construction, ultimately guiding the project from feasibility to completion.

At Mark Lawler Architects, we have the skills, the knowledge of council controls & processes, and the capability to manage multiple consultants, to help developers achieve their project on budget, from conception to completion. Please give us a call on (02) 4942 5222, or contact us via email to arrange a meeting and discuss your needs.