October 2017

australian home with pool and screens

How are houses designed for the Australian climate?

Australia is a large continent with a variety of climate zones.  Under the National Building Code of Australia (B.C.A.) eight climate zones have been defined. These climate zones range from the cold alpine areas of the Snowy Mountains through to the hot, tropical conditions of the Northern Territory.   Under each State’s legislation and the BCA, there are different construction requirements

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how do australian building and safety codes impact my home design?

How do Australian building and safety codes impact my home design?

This blog article will run you through the different building codes in Australia, and how they will impact the design of your home. The primary building regulation governing the construction of residential buildings in Australia is the Building Code of Australia (BCA). The BCA is produced on a national basis. The intention was to produce a uniform building code which

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wide block house plans

Wide block house plans

A house designed for a wide or an unusually large site can take advantage of design strategies that are not suitable for smaller, more restricted sites. This article examines the potential for some very exciting and innovative wide house block plans that are used in modern architecture. Orientation A key design aspect on any house design is consideration of the

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sloping block property

Everything you need to know about home designs for sloping blocks

Sloping blocks have a reputation for being difficult and expensive to build on. However, with the correct approach, a sloping block can offer unique opportunities that a level site can’t, and with the right expertise can be affordable and rewarding to build on. The key to success with a sloping block is for the sloping site house designs to be

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the architectural design process

The architectural design process

An architecturally-designed home is a collaboration on the part of many people. It is the coming together of ideas, with the process culminating in the creation of a unique, inspiring space that is ultimately an expression of you and your lifestyle. The architectural design process is unique for every project. It is initially determined by whether you are building a

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architectural vs ready made house plans

Architectural vs Ready Made House Plans

Ready made house plans, or the standard plans that are available from project home builders, are designed for standard, residential subdivisions. In these situations, the house is typically in the centre of the block, with small side setbacks. The living spaces face the street, with bedrooms and the family room opening on to the side boundaries or rear yard. Due

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design to construction – how long will the architect’s design process take?

The architectural design process from drawings to completion

As Architects, one of the first questions our clients ask us is how long does it take to design a house and when will the project be completed? Unfortunately, there’s no standard answer to this question because several factors are involved in the architectural design process. Every building and project is unique, and every client has different requirements — plus,

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advantages of architect percentage fee pricing

5 advantages of Architect fee percentage pricing

The setting of fees and valuing Architectural work can be complex. Every project for an Architect is unique, requiring a different level of expertise and scope of services. Therefore, the Architectural fee scale can vary drastically. Initially, the Architect may be asked to help define the project, assess the feasibility and to provide a free proposal when many factors remain

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construction documentation - mark lawler architects

Why construction drawings & documentation are important in architecture

All buildings require construction drawings and documents to provide instruction to the builder on what is to be built. Construction documentation can range from very basic drawings (with or without a specification) through to fully complete drawings and specifications with comprehensive details and schedules. The more unique or complex the project, the greater the need for more comprehensive and complete

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lake house

Lake Houses — How we built this Lake Macquarie home

Our client wanted to make the most of lake house living — Here’s how we designed their Lake Macquarie home We were commissioned to design a contemporary four-bedroom house on a single level with open living spaces to gain lake views and natural light. The Owners of this stunning home located on the southern end of Lake Macquarie are semi-retired

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