January 2018

incorporate a garage into your design

Incorporating a garage into an architectural design

A garage is no longer regarded as a basic shed to park a car. It can serve multiple functions – an occasional social space, an indoor gaming area, a place to practice hobbies, essential storage and sometimes even a place to park a car! Driveways and council requirements The garage is a high priority in terms of a homeowner’s requirements.

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designing a small house

How to design a small house

Australians now reportedly build the largest houses in the world (average floor area) –  even larger than the houses in the USA! Our houses have increased in size as we have become more affluent and seek to keep up with the neighbours. Before World War II, a typical family of six or more people lived in a house with two

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residential renderings - mark lawler architects

How to pick external materials in your house design

A building’s appearance and performance are largely determined by the materials selected for the external elements: walls, roof, windows, decks, etc.  There are many factors influencing the selection of each element. This blog lists the main considerations, however, you should always seek specific advice for a project. With the selection of any external element the following considerations are relevant: Appearance

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Architect explaining home design

How do architects charge for their services?

There are three main methods architects use to charge for their services. There are advantages and disadvantages for each of the three methods as summarised below.  The most suitable method must be discussed with each individual Client based on the particular circumstances of their project. Mark Lawler Architects can provide project specific advice to assist each client. Percentage Fees This

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Architecturally designed home for a lifetime

How to design a house to last a lifetime

A house designed by an architect and custom built for an owner is a serious commitment to lifestyle and financial investment. A house of this quality will stand for many years and can serve several generations of a family. The design must cater for flexibility of occupation and have the durability to suit all stages of the owner’s life. When

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architecture trends on murrays beach

Architecture trends: Following the crowd isn’t always the smart choice

What is “on trend” right now If you have seen an episode of “The Block” or other similar home renovation TV shows, there’s no doubt you will have heard the question: “What is on trend?”   Judges and contestants alike seem to be laser-focused on this concept as they try to heighten the drama by hinting at some secret knowledge

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