Pindimar Residence

Constructed in 2014, this renovated home opens to the water views to the South, while providing much needed protection for the sometimes harsh weather. Highlight windows optimise the good North orientation allowing winter sun to warm the Master Bedroom suite and provide passive cooling.

The original house had two storeys facing the street and a single storey facing  the waterfront. The house did not open to the views. The Owners wanted to take advantage of the waterfront aspect while maintaining the good North orientation the existing bedrooms facing the Street enjoyed. A new Master Bedroom, a sitting area and a generous Deck  was constructed on top of the existing Living area.

The renovation also included improvements throughout the dwelling such as new windows, an upgraded Kitchen, Laundry and Entry. The project is carefully considered to allow the contemporary additions to intersect harmoniously with the original dwelling. The original dwelling is evident through untouched face brickwork, some of which was left exposed in the Living areas.