Commercial Office Design


Our design services include the planning for all the various functional office areas required by an organization including the Waiting and Reception space, Meeting Rooms, Workspaces including open office space and private offices, and the Staff amenities and facilities. Important contributions our design services can make to a business are improving the efficiency with suitable positioning of staff and departments, providing the appropriate setting with comfortable and stimulating working conditions, and enhanced public presentation representing the desired corporate image.

Reflect Your Business Strategy

The office is a physical expression of a company’s business strategy, its attitude to its customers and its staff. An inviting office is powerful marketing and creates the right Client mindset. Through careful planning and evaluation of the design options we arrive at the most efficient use of the space available, ensuring that the functional areas are provided while minimizing space wasted due to circulation and non-critical functions.

Recent Commercial Office Design Projects

Mark Lawler Architects offer a range of services for Commercial Office design.

Spatial Planning

Within any organization, there is a management hierarchy that needs to be included in the spatial planning. This involves appropriate areas for the Directors and senior management, the managers and team leaders who may require particular privacy and security provisions. With the design of any office, there needs to be flexibility for the changing working needs as well as some allowance for future expansion.

Interior Design

Mark Lawler Architects can assist Clients with the selection of furniture including work stations and seating to ensure the ergonomic requirements are met. We can also complete the interior design through the selection of colours, materials and finishes throughout the office. The careful selection and co-ordination of these items play a large part in the success of the office design.


Equally important is the provision of good natural and artificial lighting and adequate air conditioning. The office will also need to include provision for staff needs to ensure a comfortable work environment. Depending on the location of an office within a new or existing building this may include the design of:

  • Toilets
  • Lunchrooms
  • Provision for coffee/tea making
  • General relaxation
  • Break-out spaces for staff to use during breaks, lunch and also on occasion for informal meetings.
commercial office design - mark lawler architects

Provision must also be made for storage of files, archives, IT equipment, and business records. The requirements for these records will vary greatly from business to business.

In summary, Mark Lawler Architects provide a full range of design and project management services to provide high quality working conditions for a range of businesses through creative office design. For a free consultation contact (02) 4942 5222.