Toronto Apartments

The site is located at the Northern end of the Toronto CBD along the main arterial route and defines the transition from commercial to residential within the town centre. It’s area is 6000 sq.m., with frontages to two streets and a public reserve, and is set back one block from Lake Macquarie.

Due to its large area and significant position, the site is very much a “gateway” to the Toronto town centre.

The proposal responds to the site’s gateway significance, incorporating two apartment towers of 4 and 5 levels sitting on a podium with 2700 sq.m. of commercial area under.

124 apartments are proposed in the two towers, a mixture of 1bed, 2bed, 3 bed is accommodated.  All apartments gain water views to the Lake or outlook to the distant mountain ranges.

This will be a significant new development which, with its large scale commercial and high density living, will help reinforce Toronto as the major town centre on the western side of Lake Macquarie.