Other Services

From planning to creating stunning 3D visuals to construction management. We got you covered.

Our design services include the planning for all the various functional office areas including the waiting and reception space, meeting rooms, workspaces, private offices, and the staff amenities and facilities. 

This is an all-inclusive service with the Architect taking the responsibility of managing and organising our clients’ entire project from inception to completion. We are experienced construction and project managers.

Looking for a green homes solution? These specific eco home design build on the usual good design strategies. Mark Lawler Architects can provide a range of services to fulfill these requirements and meet council regulations.

We have prepared a number of house designs that can be easily modified to suit most lot sizes, slopes and orientations. A unique architectural house can be achieved whilst working within the design guidelines of the Estate Developers.

We have completed and are undertaking a number of developments under the New South Wales State Environmental Planning Policy Affordable Rental Housing. The requirements for boundary setbacks, car parking, site coverage, and landscaping are less onerous for affordable housing designed under this policy.


Commercial business units within an industrial estate are an affordable alternative to the onerous and expensive task of finding a site and completing a building to accommodate your business. Commercial units can be built in a variety of sizes to suit almost any business.

Mark Lawler Architects have had experience in a wide range of education projects ranging from schools and child care centres to TAFE and university projects for private, local clients.

One of the integral parts of our services is to conceptualise and finalise the interior design aspect of each project. This is important for both commercial and residential projects.