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We provide modern, innovative architectural and building design services for houses, buildings and sites throughout Lake Macquarie.

At Mark Lawler Architects, we’ve created exceptional architectural solutions for homeowners, businesses and developers since 1988. Our highly-qualified team is committed to achieving excellence on every project with creative problem-solving skills and technical expertise.

We believe architecture should combine creative solutions with practical designs and qualified technical knowledge. From the siting and layout of the building to the orientation, views and more, our team will ensure every part of your project is evaluated to achieve your desired result.

Lake Macquarie is known for its beautiful lake-side views and modern, laid-back atmosphere. Our Architects in Lake Macquarie NSW will tailor your design to make the most of this unique setting.

As a Newcastle-based Architect, we’ve developed strong working relationships with local Builders, Councils and Consultants across the region, giving us the edge for commercial projects and residential builds. We’ll ensure your project gets the attention, skill and knowledge it deserves.

Find the best solution for your home, building or development project with our Architects in Lake Macquarie NSW. Call us on (02) 4942 5222 or contact us online and discuss your project with our team today.

Our Projects

We can update your building, create your dream home or assess your site with modern, practical and creative building solutions. Take a look at our projects and discover the possibilities with our Architects in Lake Macquarie NSW.

Our Services

We can also apply our innovative design solutions to renovationsaffordable housing developments and more.

We tailor every design to suit your unique requirements with close involvement with our Clients throughout the process. Our Architects take the time to understand your lifestyle to provide the optimal long-term living and working space.

For landowners and developers looking to build, we provide a specialist site feasibility service to determine the suitability of your chosen site. Our personalised report will include recommendations to ensure your new home design is suitable for the site, without wasting unnecessary time and money.

If you’re looking to renovate or extend your existing building, we’ll work with you to find the right solution for you or your tenants. We’ll assess your existing building and find a cohesive, cost-effective and satisfying solution to suit your needs. We can incorporate your ideas and apply our expertise to create innovative solutions and expand the possibilities for your space.

For commercial, industrial and residential developments, we collaborate with expert consultants to accommodate structural, traffic, accessibility, landscaping and Geotech requirements during the design process. We’ve established strong connections with local Councils to ensure your project is in-line with Council planning controls. This allows us to create an innovative, practical and cohesive final result for developments of all sizes.

Whether you’re renovating your building, breaking ground on a new development or looking to build your dream home, our Architects will support you through the planning, approval and building processes.

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