Interior Design

We have a track record of stylish interior design in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

As Architects, one of the integral parts of our services is to conceptualise and finalise the interior design aspect of each project. This is important for both commercial and residential projects.

Building design, interior design, interior decoration, and colour consultancy all come under the one umbrella of Architecture and cannot be considered independently if a fully co-ordinated, cohesive outcome is intended.

An architectural interior design must work in synergy with what the client seeks to achieve in the design of their building. Aspects to consider are texture and colour, materials and fixtures and how their inclusion complements the overall design and functionality of your home or workplace.

Interior design is multi-faceted but is just one component of Architecture which brings together our many skills. We need to employ right-brain disciplines, such as being imaginative, creative and artistic, as well as left-brain skills like the ability to organise, coordinate and foresee the practical needs of our clients.

Recent Interior Design Projects

The outcome of good interior design creates a finished space that provides a feeling of comfort and ease, whilst fulfilling all practical requirements.

For commercial interior design, we pay close attention to loose furniture, workstation selection, built-in joinery, colours etc. These products need to be practical, with appropriate presentation to reflect an ever-evolving and changing workplace.

For residential clients, we spend a substantial amount of time on house interior design, helping with colour selections, materials and fixtures, lighting, cabinetry and other aspects to add functionality while creating atmosphere and comfort within the home.

As Architects, we know how to create a space, and how to complete that space with the right materials and furnishings to make it work for the client. In addition, we are fully conversant with building codes, health and safety issues, and the technical aspects of interior design.

At Mark Lawler Architects, our services are fully integrated to include those all-important finishing touches that can add capital gain and create an attractive and comfortable living and working environment. Let us help you achieve the best outcome with your architectural interior design. Please give us a call on (02) 4942 5222, or contact us via email to arrange a meeting and discuss your needs.