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Commercial business units within an industrial estate are an affordable alternative to the onerous and expensive task of finding a site and completing a building to accommodate your business. Commercial units can be built in a variety of sizes to suit almost any business.

Consideration of the size and layout of the units, the type of vehicles (vans/trucks) and car parking are critical factors to allow flexibility and functionality to suit a variety of business types.  

The units can vary in area, vehicle access, facilities provided and storage provision.  Often, a mezzanine is provided to increase floor area or to provide an office space. Toilet and kitchenette provisions are also included within each unit.

Typically located within industrial estates, these commercial business units are grouped as a cluster and therefore share the location with like-minded businesses which could provide ancillary benefits to your business.

The Architectural design is very important to establish identity for each business unit as well as for the development as a whole. Interesting, well considered form, colour and detailing will help avoid an ugly “shed” appearance by providing an attractive presentation for the businesses.

Landscaping, signage, lighting, security, display and storage of products are other important factors to ensure the functional and successful operation of the development.

Vehicle and pedestrian movements need to be considered for providing easy, safe movement without impacting on adjacent businesses. The size of vehicles to be accommodated, weather protection, security, degree of public exposure are important considerations.

Mark Lawler Architects have worked on a range of industrial buildings in the past. We understand the development and council approval process, plus we can provide unique design recommendations to help your industrial unit stand out from the rest.

For more information on our industrial building services, please get in touch with our friendly and experienced team. We can walk you through the building and design process from start to finish.

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